About Us

We at Cellcronic are strong-willed in assisting our customers for their long term electronic requirements. We believe in building chain customers with our qualitative services and authenticity in products. Our heavy battery- best quality inverters monitor and smooth out incoming of electricity during both, high and low voltage conditions. Our products are trustworthy for your workplace as well as for your homes. We make sure that our products provide maximum user benefits and do not compromise with durability.

We are committed to providing only the best products that are also Eco-Friendly and do not make your carbon footprint any bigger. Our appliances are as per the need of our valuable customers and also offer customer services for full customer satisfaction.
We have a reputation of trust in the market and guarantee the best ROIs on your investment in purchasing our products. Customer’s safety is our topmost priority thus we do not interfere with the technicality of our already well-assembled products and make sure every product is safe for usage.
For Quality Management, Cellcronic Power follows “Total Quality Assurance, Service Satisfaction”

Why Choose US

Ceo Message

Hi! I am Ravinder Mandhan CEO, Cellcronic and I am overwhelmed to tell you that, we at Cellcronic demonstrate ability in arranging for the best dealership in Inverters. We have developed a brand image in the market which ensures trusted electronic appliance. We will continue to supply products that customers can use without any issues and concerns, and we will keep improving the quality of our products and craftsmanship as well as efficiency to increase our user credibility. Using the company’s feature of strength and taking advantage of our ‘passion for meeting a challenge’ that we have maintained since the formation of the company, we strive to sell products that are unconventional and durable. We will also develop our merits further while maintaining a strong will to repair the inconveniences at any time to make the company better.
It is our company’s dream to keep supplying products of high value to the market. To realize this dream, we will contribute to the creation of new value through genuine product supply in the market.