Cellcronic AC’s are built with updated technology which is selected with the motive to consume low power and also protect the environment from harmful UV rays. AC’s of other brands harm the environment and deplete ozone layer but the technology which we use is eco-friendly technology. Cellcronic AC’s consist Mechanical Vapour Compression (MVC Compression). The main advantage of Mechanical Vapour Compression technology is its low operating cost. Consumption of Vapours in MVC Compression is least and low consumption of cooling water. If MVC Compression is seized and locked properly then it increases the life of your durable product. MVC Compression is properly installed in Cellcronic AC which makes it more durable and reliable. Cellcronic AC’s are designed to provide extra benefits to the user, the investment done in Cellcronic AC’s actually doesn’t matter as we provide maximum return. Our AC’s are compact in size and saves 80% energy and have the capability to adjust power consumption which makes our AC’s to be operated on low voltage. In summers, the temperature is too high and to get relief from hot temperature one needs to install AC in their home and workplace because of electricity shortage, the position remain critical after installing AC as well. To give the solution of this problem Cellcronic AC’s are designed and uses MVC Compression to run on Inverter. Which is like icing on the cake as with Eco-friendly benefit AC work on Inverter and give you relief from hot weather. MVC Compression is based on technology which is compatible and provides you the benefit without putting any burden on your pocket.
• Using luxury product is everyone’s dream but have you ever wondered about the environment? What impact these products are putting on our environment?
Cellcronic AC’s are designed with the latest technology where user can have luxury experience along with that it is Eco-friendly as this will not impact your surroundings.
• Cellcronic AC’s provide comfort within your budget and it can work on the inverter as well and makes you feel comfortable all the time.
• Cellcronic AC’s are operated with the help of Remote and Wifi enabled.